List of Posters Welcome to the 6G Summit, Abu Dhabi, UAE
3rd — 4th November 2022
Venue : W Abu Dhabi Yas Island
Presented posters at the Abu Dhabi 6G Summit 2022
  • “A WUSN-based Smart System for Water Flow Control” , by Nahom Aron, Bereket Yemane, Temesgen Mikael, Reem Salem, Fatna Belqasmi.

  • “Age-of-Updates Optimization for UAV-assisted Networks” , by Mouhamed Naby Ndiaye, El Houcine Bergou, Hajar El Hammouti, and Mounir Ghogho.

  • “Cascaded Deep-Learning Based Channel Estimation for RIS-Aided mmWave Systems with Beam Squint” , by Asmaa Abdallah, Abdulkadir Celik, Mohammad M. Mansour, Ahmed M. Eltawil.

  • “Channel-aware Federated Learning for UAV-assisted Wireless Networks” , by Ruslan Zhagypar, Nour Kouzayha, Hesham ElSawy, Hayssam Dahrouj, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri.

  • “Communication-Efficient Client-Selection for Federated Learning with Non-IID Data” , by Issa Coulibaly, Ahmed Elzanaty, Mustafa Kishk, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Hajar El Hammouti.

  • “Coverage and Mobility Analysis of Aerial Users in Integrated HAPS-Ground Wireless Networks” , by Nour Kouzayha, Hesham ElSawy, Hayssam Dahrouj, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri

  • “Deep Q-Learning-based Resource Management in IRS assisted Visible Light Communications” , by Ahmed Al Hammadi, Lina Bariah, Sami Muhaidat, Mahmoud Al-Qutayri, Paschalis C. Sofotasios, Merouane Debbah.

  • “Deep Reinforcement Learning for Energy-Efficient Data Dissemination Through UAV Networks” , by Abubakar Sani Ali, Lina Bariah, Sami Muhaidat, Mahmoud Al-Qutayri, Paschalis Sofotasios.

  • “Enhancement of Rural Connectivity by Recycling TV Towers with Massive MIMO Techniques” , by Ammar El Falou, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Experimental Validation of Super resolution Delay Estimation Algorithm using a 26 GHz Radar Setup” , by Roberto Bomfin, Gerhard Fettweis.

  • “Impact of Network Geometry on Large Networks with Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces” , by Konpal Shaukat Ali, Martin Haenggi, Arafat Al-Dweik, Marwa Chafii.

  • “Investigation on the Scalability of Blind Deep Learning based Localization” , Ivo Bizo, Ahmad Nimr, Marwa Chafii, Gerhard P. Fettweis.

  • “IRS-Aided Visible Light Communications for Outdoor Applications” , by Salah Abdeljabar, Mahmoud Wafik Eltokhey, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Learning-Based Group Secret Key Generation A Proof-of-Concept Study for 6G” , by Mehdi Letafati, Mohammad Fahim, Babak Hossein Khalaj.

  • “Lidar-Assisted Acquisition of Mobile Aerial FSO Terminals in a GPS-Denied Environment” , by Heyou Liu, Muhammad Salman Bashir, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Localization Performance Analysis of THz Communication Systems with a 3D Array” , by Pinjun Zheng, Tarig Ballal, Hui Chen, Henk Wymeersch, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri

  • “Modeling free space optical communication channels for future generation systems deployment” , by Fahad S. Alqurashi, Abderrahmen Trichili, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Optimal Semantic Coding for Sustainable 6G Networks” , by Antero Vainio, Ian Akyildiz, Sasu Tarkoma.

  • “Optimization for Reducing Communication Cost of Federated Learning in 6G Networks” , by Ammar Kamal Abasi, Moayad Aloqaily, Mohsen Guizani.

  • “Overcoming Limited Data for Localization Using Deep Learning” , Wafa Njima, Marwa Chafii.

  • “Rate Adaptation, Power Control, and the AoI in Wireless-Powered IoT Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach” , by Abdulaziz Alorainy, Nour Kouzayha, Hesham ElSawy, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri.

  • “Reducing Electromagnetic Field Exposure in MU-MIMO Networks with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces” , Mariem Chemingui, Ahmed Elzanaty, Rahim Tafazolli.

  • “Robust Beamforming for Dual-functional Radar and Communications: Method and Insights” , Ahmad Bazzi, Marwa Chafii.

  • “Searchlight-Assisted Backhauling of UAV-Based VLC Networks” , by Mahmoud Wafik Eltokhey, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Simultaneous Indoor and Outdoor 3D Localization with STAR-RIS-Assisted Millimeter Wave Systems” , by Jiguang He, Aymen Fakhreddine, George C Alexandropoulos.

  • “Stochastic Geometry-based Analysis of Multi-Functional Drones for Package and Data Delivery” , by Yujie Qin, Mustafa A. Kishk, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Time and Energy Constrained Large-Scale IoT Networks: The Feedback Dilemma” , by Mostafa Emara, Nour Kouzayha, Hesham ElSawy, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri.

  • “Toward Sustainable Underwater Engineering: A Cloud-Enabled Connectivity Approach” , by Rawan Alghamdi, Hayssam Dahrouj, Tareq Al-Naffouri, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Towards Quantum-Enabled 6G Slicing” , by Farhad Rezazadeh, Sarang Kahvazadeh, Mohammadreza Mosahebfard.

  • “UAV Detection Using IRS-Assisted Integrated Radar and Communication System” , by Hamad Yahya, Mohammad Alshimmari, Emad Alsusa, Mohammad Al-Jarrah.

  • “UAV-Based VLC for Precision Agriculture” , by Hussam Ibraiwish, Mahmoud Wafik Eltokhey, Mohamed-Slim Alouini.

  • “Uncovering the Portability Limitation of Deep Learning-Based Wireless Device Fingerprints” , Bechir Hamdaoui, Abdurrahman Elmaghbub.

  • “What is the impact of a wrong channel model to evaluate the performance with spherical waveforms?” , by Giacomo Bacci, Luca Sanguinetti.

  • “Wireless Sensor Networks for Asthmatic Patients” , by Sewit T. Yohannes, Lidia Y. Bereketeab, Safa Otoum.

  • “Infrastructure-based Autonomous driving using AI and telecommunication technologies” , by Zine El Abidine Kherroubi and Fouzi Boukhalfa.

  • “XR-based UAV control” , by Nassim Sehad, Bilel Cherif, Ibrahim Khadraoui, Carlos-Faouzi Bader, Riku Jantti, Merouane Debbah.

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